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The most comprehensive, scalable, intuitive, and cost-effective IT Management solution available today

For over 20 years, WhatsUp Gold has served thousands of enterprise organizations. With worldwide presence and a history of continuous technical innovation – we are your trusted partner for network management success.

WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite

WhatsUp Gold

  • Stop Problems before they start – quickly and accurately assess problems, eliminating guesswork and empowering your team to provide solutions faster.
  • Know your infrastructure – presents a complete picture and inventory of your network and connected assets.
  • Configure and forget – automate and centrally manage your entire network's configuration from one interface, giving you more time to focus on other issues.
  • Protect your network – keep an eye out for network traffic abnormalities that might indicate the presence of rogue activity, viruses or malware. Don't be caught off guard; WhatsUp Gold will alert you of any threats in real-time.
  • Map the virtual and physical – control your virtualized infrastructure, and understand physical to virtual resources association at all times.
  • Control traffic – analyze, understand and manage network traffic to keep your network performance at top speed.
  • Stay on top of everything; anytime, anywhere – access information from a console, through a web interface, even on a mobile device, to make sure your infrastructure is performing the way your users expect!
  • Better balance your career and personal life – receive a summary of problems and alerts suppressed during blackout periods when you are back, so you know what happened while you were away
  • Device-based licensing –you'll keep your capital expenditure low and won't be forced into buying more licenses than necessary with super-sized license packages.

WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor

  • Consolidate network, application and end-user experience monitoring in a unified dashboard.
  • Quickly and efficiently diagnose and assess the impact of complex performance problems wherever they originate.
  • Provides the comprehensive insight and customizability you need to proactively ensure that application performance meets user expectations and business priorities.

WhatsUp Log Management

  • Retain your log data for as long as you need – automatically collect, store, archive and backup all log files
  • Stay vigilant – monitor Windows event & Syslog data in real-time to receive alerts and notifications at the first sign of trouble
  • Examine and protect – filter, analyze and report on Log Data to verify the success of internal security policies, and demonstrate regulatory compliance; Generate custom reports for IT personnel, security and compliance officers, and even law enforcement agencies
  • Find and solve – spot check and review log files much faster to quickly respond to an emergency incident

The new WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite gives you all of the enterprise-grade features that you need, proven performance in over 100,000 networks worldwide, and complete deployment ease, at a fraction of the cost.

WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite offers an integrated, extensible and scalable architecture - which means one installation, one console, one Alert Center & one integrated discovery. Monitor your IT infrastructure worldwide through one interface with a solution that deploys without any planning or preparation.

Try the WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite that best fits your organization, deployed based on the number of devices: 100, 500, 2500, or more — your choice!

  WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite
100 Devices
WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite
500 Devices
WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite
2500 Devices
WhatsUp Gold Premium 100 500 2500

WhatsConnected Standalone

100 500 2500

WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor

100 components 500 components 2500 components


100 500 2500

Flow Monitor

5 Sources 35 Sources Unrestricted Sources

WhatsConfigured Plug-in

100 500 2500

VoIP Monitor

Yes Yes Yes

Failover Manager

No No Yes
Total Price



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"Our job is to make these services easy, fast, stable and supportable 24x7. With a network spanning all of the US and Canada, it's a gargantuan task. Using WhatsUp Gold, we went from standard, manual monitoring of our broadband network to real-time automated monitoring of the entire network in just two weeks."
  --Mike Henderson, broadband and Professional services marketing LodgeNet Interactive Corporation

"We have three buildings about four miles apart. When a user notifies us of a problem, WhatsUp Gold can quickly and easily identify whether it's a site issue or a network issue. WUG allows us to save a great deal of time by not having to travel to each site."
  --Deepu Vijayanath IT Manager, Proteans Software Solutions

"WhatsUp's ability to scale with our company has been impressive; we started with 22 devices under management and now use WhatsUp to monitor over 2,500 different devices all across the United States."
  --Dave Perrill, President of BHI Advanced Internet Inc.

"The most valuable benefit is keeping Nordea Bank's corporate network up and running, and WhatsUp Gold has met all our needs and expectations. WhatsUp Gold was chosen as an easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage application, which can combine several monitoring tasks in one system."
  --Edgars Smilgzdruvs, IT Network Engineer, Nordea Bank

"WhatsUp Gold was just easier to set up and use. We were more comfortable with the cost — and not just the monetary cost but the administrative time, resource time, et cetera — associated with WhatsUp Gold."
  --Mark Fouraker, Technologist, CareerBuilder

"Delivering superior products and support to our customers is paramount to our business model and we spent a lot time reviewing the market place for suitable products. After several trials, it soon became apparent that WhatsUp Gold provided all the features that we required, at a reasonable price when compared to competitor's license models."
  --Mark Wilkes, managing director of Level 8 Solutions, implementation partner for Marston's PLC

Can WhatsUp Gold support the strict security requirements of the enterprise?

Definitely! WhatsUp Gold designed its security architecture to match requirements from its countless deployments at secure federal facilities.

Product Military Branch Certificate Certificate ID #

WhatsUp Gold

US Army

Certificate of Networthiness







US Navy



Log Management -
Event Archiver

US Army

Certificate of Networthiness


Individual role based logins control visibility into WhatsUp Gold data, information and monitoring settings — on a need to know basis. Moreover, integration with standard directory and authentication services like LDAP and Active Directory, keeps WhatsUp Gold up-to-date on changes as they happen. And with secure, air tight communication between central and remote sites using 128-bit SSL or SSL over VPN, and support for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 standards, WhatsUp Gold has what it takes to keep your network up and your data protected.

We've got devices from every vendor imaginable. Can WhatsUp Gold discover and monitor it all?

Of course. Selected as part of Cisco Smart Business Architecture, we have been operating for almost 20 years. We know exactly how complicated infrastructures are. WhatsUp Gold's standards based monitoring methods provide broad coverage for almost any vendor devices. With SNMP v1-3 support, WhatsUp Gold can track and monitor literally any network or systems device. Additionally, it provides in-depth visibility into Windows systems and applications through WMI. Many of WhatsUp Gold's monitor settings are pre-configured and work right out-of-the-box. They are automatically deployed based on intelligent role based discovery. You retain the flexibility to change monitor assignments to device roles and individualized settings and thresholds at any time. WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor offers support for all the popular flow management formats, including NetFlow, Cisco's (NetFlow Secure Event Logging) NSEL, sFlow, J-Flow and IPFIX. WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfigured supports multiple protocols including secure SNMP v1-3, SSH2, Telnet, and TFTP to enable the management of your entire network infrastructure from a single platform.

Is WhatsUp Gold currently being used in Enterprises?

WhatsUp Gold is currently in use over hundreds of enterprise organizations including these recognizable names — Cisco, Citigroup, Honeywell, HP, IKEA, Lockheed, McDonalds, Novartis, Pepsi, Siemens, Wal-Mart, Walt Disney and Wells Fargo. Read about our customer success stories

What is the difference between WhatsUp Gold and WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite?

WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite includes WhatsUp Gold Premium, as well as the enterprise-level plug-ins that you need for complete infrastructure management.

Why do I need WhatsUp Log Management Suite?

To comply with security policies and regulations, and keep your log data safe and secure, we recommend you combine WhatsUp Log Management Suite with WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite. Automatically collect, store, analyze and report on both Windows Event and Syslog files for near real-time security event detection and response as well as historical compliance assurance and forensics.

Team up with WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite and protect your infrastructure:

  • Guard against external threats with the traffic analysis of WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor.
  • Create and store network diagrams and maps, needed to for PCI regulations with WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected
  • Save configuration settings, required by some regulations with WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfigured

Introducing WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite

WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite gives you all of the enterprise-grade features that you need, proven performance in over 100,000 networks worldwide, and complete deployment ease at a fraction of the cost. Discover, map and manage your entire infrastructure — network devices, server, applications, virtual resources, VoIP, configuration settings and network traffic — from a single interface in a matter of minutes. It's that simple.

Event Log Management for Security and Compliance Initiatives

Has someone made any unauthorized changes to your Active Directory policies or Access Control Lists (ACLs) for a directory on a server containing company Intellectual Property? Has someone gained unauthorized access to data that is regulated by law, such as HIPAA? Is somebody trying to hack into your internal systems? What if your compliance officer asks you for SOXcentric reports? Learn more about how your organization could implement an effective event log strategy by reading the white paper.

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