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Network availability is a critical component to the success of any business and is even more essential for small businesses. However, many small businesses lack the IT sophistication and proper tools to do it themselves. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide a valuable set of services to customers though their in-house expertise to effectively and transparently monitor customers' networks.

One of the biggest challenges managed service providers face is consistently demonstrating value to their customers. Through remote monitoring and management platforms and desktop management tools, MSPs are able to work "behind-the-scenes" and keep networks running with little or no customer visibility. The better job you're doing, the less the customer sees you.

To increase their perceived value to customers, MSPs need to be able to:

  • Maintain or increase service levels
  • Build the role of trusted advisor to your customers
  • Assist with planning customer IT investments
  • Differentiate your managed services offering

By incorporating the strongest network management solution into their service offerings, MSPs can achieve both their business objectives and demonstrate their continued value to customers.

For MSPs, knowing their customers networks better than they do is the key element to delivering predictive, SLA-compliant network monitoring. WhatsUp gold MSP Edition is the only MSP focused solution that not only supports a diverse client base with a wide variety of network types, architectures, and equipment, but that also one that is priced competitively enough that the MSP can make the margins it needs to grow profitably.

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition provides a complete solution for MSPs to monitor any number of customer networks from a single central site. IP services, Unix/Linux and Windows server infrastructure, firewalls, routers and WANs can be monitored from a single secure console.

In addition to pro-active monitoring of their customer networks, WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition provides built-in reporting that demonstrates the performance of a customers' IT infrastructure from a business perspective; including SLA levels, critical systems and of course the physical network. MSPs can leverage comprehensive reporting capabilities to create reports that depict the impact their services has on their customer’s critical business infrastructure.

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition enables MSPs to offer competitively priced services that are differentiated by their quality and responsiveness. WhatsUp Gold is a cost-effective, technology-agnostic system that provides superior real-time monitoring and alert capabilities, helping MSPs increase profitability, visibility and maintain strong customer relations.

Network Management Challenge WhatsUp Gold Solution
Providing excellent service to clients WhatsUp Gold provides immediate alerts whenever an issue arises, whether it's a threshold being reached or a full-blown crash or failure. The sooner MSPs know what is going on, the sooner they can take remedial action.
Managing multiple client networks simultaneously WhatsUp Gold establishes the MSP as a centralized network operations center (NOC), outfitted with a dashboard display that clearly maps out the network assets of each and every client.
Increased profitability WhatsUp Gold offers exceptional value and comprehensive capabilities without an inflated price. MSPs can charge clients fair value with attractive margins.
Ensuring secure, efficient connections Connections between locations can be made over VPNs where they exist, or through an innovative technology exclusive to Ipswitch. Only changes in state are sent to the NOC, conserving bandwidth.
Ability to scale within a single solution as number of clients increase WhatsUp Gold requires just an easy install (less than one hour) in each client location, and then the MSP is up and running. The dashboard can handle a virtually unlimited number of locations and network components.
Ensuring application performance and availability WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor lets you connect all application dependencies to aid rapid resolution of issues when service slowdowns affect users