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Wireless network connectivity problems drive up user complaints

Your users rely on your wireless network as the primary link to your corporate network. The business operations suffer and complaints pour in when wireless availability is less than optimal. Wireless Network Connectivity problems, resulting from Access Point poor signal strength could be caused by the new building materials just as easily as it could be the result of poor placement. You need to quickly identify and fix the problem before your users complain.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Do I know if my access points are in an optimal location?
  • Do I even have visibility into the source of the poor signal problem?
  • Can I react before my users complain?

eGuide: Wireless Network Monitoring for Colleges and Universities

The astonishing growth of wireless networks puts a lot of pressure on IT to implement key aspects of wireless monitoring. In fact, a recent survey found that more than 75% of CIOs at academic institutions consider the growth of streaming video and proliferating mobile devices to be the biggest sources of stress and risk on their networks.

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WhatsUp Gold provides the answers you need to identify and resolve wireless network connectivity problems

Wireless Network Connectivity Problems | WhatsUpGold

WhatsUp Gold tracks key wireless Access Point signal performance metrics to get to the root cause of poor signal strength in ONE powerful easy-to-customize dashboard. Network managers can rapidly visualize, isolate and resolve poor signal issues before they impact their wireless availability and performance:

  • Historical reporting on SNR/RSSI and Access Point CPU/Memory Utilization so you can view wireless performance over time and pinpoint whether you need to redeploy APs or replace failing Access Points
  • Real-time alerts that notify you on RSSI/SNR degradation and as performance metrics such as CPU/Memory approach their max
  • Customizable dashboard reports display other key wireless metrics including signal-to-noise ratio, so you can identify if strained wireless performance is due to oversubscription or another issue altogether

WhatsUp Gold helps network managers identify chronic wireless network connectivity problems, so that their wireless networks can be redesigned to meet the performance and availability needs of their users.

Wireless Network Management Challenges:

Many times our students get hired as IT and network managers immediately after graduation. Real-world tools like WhatsUp gold are essential to their preparation as IT and network management professionals."
Thad Russel
instructor at Manhattan Area Technical College
Manhattan, Kansas
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