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Layer 2/3 Network Device Discovery & Mapping

Automatically Discover, Map, Inventory and Manage Your Network and Applications Infrastructure in Minutes

Automated discovery and mapping capabilities are essential to managing your network. With WhatsUp Gold and its robust, integrated Layer 2/3 discovery, mapping and asset reporting capabilities, you get an industry-leading mix of automation and intelligence that simplifies new service deployment and management.

How it Works

Using innovative discovery technologies, WhatsUp Gold finds all the resources on your network and provides detailed physical connectivity, device type, and asset/inventory and configuration information.

Leveraging Layer 2 and Layer 3 discovery technologies including ARP, SNMP, IP addressing, ICMP, SSH, WMI, Telnet, Virtual Infrastructure Management and LLDP in combination with vendor proprietary mechanisms, WhatsUp Gold builds an accurate picture of your network devices, systems and their interconnections.

Market-leading Layer 2 technology

WhatsUp Gold's integrated Layer 2 capabilities are what set it apart from the rest of the pack. While many vendors will provide Layer 3 visibility using SNMP or IP addressing into systems or network devices deployed in your infrastructure, it won’t provide the actual physical connectivity between devices that Layer 2 discovery details.

Layer 2’s physical infrastructure information not only provides more granular visibility for faster and easier troubleshooting of connectivity issues, but is especially essential for PCI DSS audits which require up-to-date and detailed topology maps.

Other IT management solutions charge extra for Layer 2 discovery and mapping capabilities. With WhatsUp Gold, this next “layer” of visibility into port-to-port physical connectivity is integrated free of charge with all editions.

Why a Layer 2/3 discovery tool is important

Automating your network discovery and mapping tasks with WhatsUp Gold will save precious time and resources and, with auto-discovery and mapping capabilities, you know your topology maps, port-to-port connectivity and network diagrams are always up-to-date.

These features simplify troubleshooting (easier to deduce network paths); ensure compliance with audits (accurate and up-to-date inventory or topology maps are required by most regulatory frameworks such as PCI DSS) and help you optimize monitoring workloads (e.g. to stop monitoring ports without connected end points).

Scheduled and On Demand Discovery

WhatsUp Gold supports both on-demand and scheduled discovery tasks. Each execution of discovery will automatically updates your maps and IT asset inventory with your approval.

WhatsUp Gold Layer 2/3 Mapping

Based on discovery data, WhatsUp Gold automatically generates integrated network topology maps showing both Layer 3 addressing and layer Layer 2 connectivity. And with auto-discovery and dynamic mapping capabilities, you know the connectivity and topology information generated is complete and accurate -- at all times.

Maps can be customized to show any aspect of the topology and individual links can be hidden or shown. You can also display topology information in radial and hierarchical formats. Any map generated or customized can be saved, printed and shared.

Optimize your Hardware Investment

WhatsUp Gold’s Layer 2/3 discovery lets you find "forgotten" hardware or hardware without an IP address. These devices can then be decommissioned or reassigned to new tasks, or moved to an internal cloud.

Simplify Troubleshooting Tasks

Rapidly pinpoint the root cause of connectivity issues to minimize downtime. Gain insight into how your can configure your topology to minimize potential conflicts and optimize performance.

Compliance Support

Ensure an accurate discovery, audit, documentation and archiving of network assets, topology maps and configurations over time to support regulatory requirements like SOX, FISMA, PCI DSS and HIPAA. PCI for instance, requires an up-to-date topology map with port-to-port connectivity in order for compliance.

In addition for audit/inventory purposes, as part of the discovery process, WhatsUp Gold automatically collects comprehensive inventory/configuration information across networking devices and systems. You’ll be able to capture device information such as serial number, configuration information including VLANs and interfaces and systems inventory information including current OS version & patches.

Whether you need information to support internal requirements or external regulatory requirements, WhatsUp Gold makes it easy to discover, inventory, map and report on all of your network components.