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WhatsUp Log Management

Log files (Syslog, Windows events, W3C logs) contain critical information that could reduce your organization’s exposure to intruders, malware, damage, loss and legal liabilities.

Log Monitoring software should be a key component of your infrastructure management strategy.

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Use WhatsUp Log Management to automatically collect, store, archive, back-up, analyze and report on Syslog, Windows events logs, or W3C logs generated by Web Application Servers, Load Balancers, Firewalls, Proxy Servers or Content Security appliances. Add Event Log Monitoring to secure your network and protect key information.

With WhatsUp Log Management, you will reduce exposure to security breaches, malware, loss or damage, and protect your organization against costly financial penalties and legal liabilities.

With WhatsUp Log Management Software you can:

Automatically collect, store, archive and backup all log files
  • Multi-year data storage
  • Cryptographic hashing
Use Event Archiver
Monitor Windows event & Syslog data in real-time to receive alerts and notifications at the first sign of trouble Use Event Alarm
Filter, Analyze and Report on Log Data to verify the success of internal security policies, and demonstrate regulatory compliance

Generate compliance-centric reports for IT personnel, security and compliance officers, and even law enforcement agencies
Use Event Analyst
Spot check and review log files much faster to quickly respond to an emergency incident Use Event Rover

Who should try WhatsUp Log Management Suite?

IT managers, System Administrators, Compliance Officers or Security Personnel:
  • Who would like to protect access to key information — such as employee or patients records, credit card information, or classified information
  • Who need to meet and demonstrate compliance with regulations such as SOX, GBLA, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, MiFID, Basel II and others
  • Who would like to be immediately notified of suspicious activity and respond faster to security threats
  • Who are looking to eliminate tedious manual log collection tasks, reduce errors and save time
  • Who need to keep archived log data for multiple years for compliance or auditing purposes
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