Log Management Suite

Collect, analyze and report log data

With today’s escalating network security, compliance and service level requirements managing logs manually may be impossible. The different log file formats and message content also require sophisticated tools to analyze their content and make it actionable.

With a complete Log Management Suite, you can speed up your response to network threats and meet regulatory mandates much more effectively. The Log Management Suite is a highly automated and ultra-accurate tool that collects, stores, archives and backs-up Syslog, Windows events, or W3C/IIS logs. Identify potential threats through continuous log monitoring and get alerts to notify you of activity on your network.

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Learn how Log Management can help you identify threats with continuous log monitoring.

WhatsUp Log Management Suite

Event Log Management for Security and Compliance Initiatives


Save time and effort by automating log collection and archiving

Save the time and effort of manual log file collection tasks by automating the process of collecting, storing and archiving log files across your infrastructure.

Ensure complete accuracy, and save time and effort eliminating manual log file collection tasks. Consolidate log files over WAN links into a single, central database. Automatically manage custom (in addition to Core 6) Windows Event logs, including archived Syslog files, and WC3/IIS logs.

Gain security intelligence

Quickly detect unauthorized activity and security threats.

Track, alert and report on commonly audited event types like access and permission changes to Files, Folders, and Objects. Collect the most common log types such as Syslog, Microsoft event or W3C/IIS log to help you identify potential threat incidents. Protect access to key information like employee records, patient or financial information — and enforce your network security policies.

Reduce risk and liability

Collect, archive, analyze, and report on regulatory compliance mandates imposed by HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, Basel II and others.

Quickly generate compliance-ready reports for these key initiatives and build reports for quick compliance to additional regulations. Know exactly how much space log data is taking up on your systems. Meet key compliance regulations with knowledge of database or flat file storage requirements for archiving logs on your network.

Quickly respond to audits and perform forensic analysis

Be ready for regulatory submissions, auditors, security officers, or management queries with compliance-centric reporting.

Easily convert archived raw log data into actionable intelligence for all key stakeholders, IT managers, security and compliance officers, upper management and even law enforcement officers with automated filtering, correlation, reporting and translation capabilities. Log Management Suite integrates with WhatsUp Gold and is sold as a standalone application.

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