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Unified Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Your IT team gets the control, insight and automated resolution needed to:

  • Find and fix problems before your users are impacted
  • Assure bandwidth is optimized for critical apps and services
  • Automate configuration, log and asset management
  • Maintain, audit and restore device configurations for regulatory and IT policy compliance
And with the industry's most customer friendly and cost effective pricing model, you can also rest assured that there will never be renewal or expansion pricing surprises.


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Monitor and analyze everything from one actionable dashboard

Unify your IT infrastructure monitoring with a single solution

WhatsUp Gold provides a unified platform to monitor, alert, and report on the performance of your multi-vendor IT infrastructure and applications. No more jumping from console to console. Analyze a complete view of your routers, switches, firewalls, access points, servers and virtual environments. Monitor the availability of critical apps and supportive environments like JMX and the LAMP stack.

Ensure network bandwidth is prioritized to critical applications with network flow monitoring. And, manage network device configurations.

Save with simple, no surprise device-based licensing

See how you will save vs. other licensing models

Avoid the costs of big-ticket enterprise management products without giving up the power and performance you need.

Simple, device-based pricing means you pay the same no matter how many ports your router or switch has and there are no hidden charges after installation. Get up and running faster, without handholding through an easy to understand user interface.

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Automate IT inventory with Layer 2/3 discovery

Automatically discover all assets in your network with WhatsUp Gold's powerful Layer 2/3 discovery. Eliminate time consuming manual inventories. Received detailed inventory reports on your network assets, H/W modules, warranty status and more – all in less than an hour. Avoid costly true-up expenses using installed software reports.

Layer 2/3 discovery
Monitor any device with standard monitoring protocols

Monitor any device with standard monitoring protocols

Monitor anything with an IP address that is accessible by standard monitoring protocols like SNMP, WMI (Windows), and SSH (Unix/Linux).

Use the WhatsUp Gold MIB browser to select from thousands of SNMP objects to monitor your network attached devices. Access the WMI library to select from thousands of performance counters to monitor your Windows servers and applications. Develop custom monitors using PowerShell and Active Scripts, and SQL Queries.

Stay ahead of network problems with Smart Alerts

Receive threshold-based alerts and fix performance problems before they impact your users, applications, and the business. Create notification policies to standardize escalation procedures. Apply blackout policies so you don't get alerted during off-business hours.

Eliminate alert storms for faster fault isolation. WhatsUp Gold's automatically discovers all network dependencies to enable alert suppression. In a network with cascading switches, a single switch failure can trigger hundreds of alerts. WhatsUp Gold Smart Alerts will issue a single alert for the failed switch only.

Layer 2 Map reveals interconnections across networked devices

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Dynamic topology map pinpoints location of down state devices

Spend less time troubleshooting with network maps

Your eyes are your most valuable diagnostic tool. WhatsUp Gold makes troubleshooting easier with dynamic Layer 2/3 network maps. Turn messy wiring closets into graphical representations that are logical and easy to interpret.

Quickly spot problems and understand how they will cascade through your network. Click on any device to drill down for detailed diagnostic information and enable fast resolution.

Track trends and isolate intermittent performance problems

Analyze key trends impacting infrastructure performance and eliminate the frustration of intermittent performance problems. WhatsUp Gold delivers historical data in 200+ out-of-the-box reports. Provide proof to line-of business owners that you are meeting SLA commitments.

Use split second graphs to track real-time performance for almost any WMI performance counter or SNMP object. Analyze detailed data on application processes and services that are consuming CPU and memory resources.

Create an email alert to let you about network troubles
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Monitor wired and wireless networks with a single solution

Discover and monitor the dependencies between your wired and wireless networks. Respond to performance problems quickly, using dynamic wireless maps displaying your clients, access points, and wireless LAN controllers. Proactively address trends with historical reports on access point subscription, signal strength, and hardware health.

Up and monitoring in less than one hour

Realize fast time-to-value. From the moment you hit the download button, through installation and setup, automatic discovery and mapping, automatic dependency discovery and alert suppression, and automatic assignment of device roles – begin receiving WhatsUp Gold alerts and reports in less than one hour.

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On-Demand Demo: WhatsUp Gold Unified Network, Server and Application Monitoring

Our engineers will take you on a tour of our WhatsUp Gold product suite and answer your questions on network, server and application monitoring. This informative overview lets you see what it's like to manage complex networks and application motioning with a single dashboard.