Local Network Configuration

Servers, desktops, storage centers, routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, wireless access points, network printers, external power supplies, cameras, IP phones…a typical local network would contain most, or perhaps all these components.

The traditional approaches – logging in to each device for monitoring and documentation, or running custom scripts for group management, might not work for current local networks.
Given the sheer number of components in a local network and the multiple vendors they are sourced from, manual local network configuration monitoring becomes resource-intensive and error-prone. What administrators need is an automated solution to monitor and manage local network configuration.

WhatsUp Gold executes custom scripts to automate configuration task execution and monitoring for individual or group devices. Tasks such as current local network configuration backups, start-up configuration backups and password change management can all be automated through setting up scheduled tasks. Administrators are also allowed unlimited download of configuration files for each network device.

All configuration files are audited before being stored in central repository, and WhatsUp Gold offers dynamic access and global search facilities to current, start-up and stored configuration files. Administrators can thus compare versions, check for policy compliance and provide on-demand upgrades for policy-based monitoring.

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