Network Bandwidth Usage: How To Optimize Your Network

Company bandwidth usage has, for reasons other than expected growth, increased dramatically and continues to do so every year. Over time this usage is going to increase beyond your workforce’s limitations, which poses an important challenge for IT teams.

How do you calculate and optimize the use of the bandwidth you have available to ensure your network keeps up with customer and user expectations?

Educate the Most Wasteful

Not only must you deal with an expanding user base; you also have to field new applications and services your organization needs. This wouldn’t be so bad if these apps and services didn’t require their own share of bandwidth in order to function, or if file sizes stayed the same across each machine using them. You can’t expect users to always know how to minimize content size before sending it, or when not to use the heaviest programs. You need to include information about the consumption of bandwidth when users receive new hardware or software.

For example, one employee has to send a large volume of high-res images. Do they know how to modify those images so that they consume less bandwidth?

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