Log Management Exactly Where You Need It: What’s New in WhatsUp Gold 2021

At some point, every IT admin needs to access logs when troubleshooting network issues. The problem is that this usually means reconciling their monitoring tools with separate log management tools that aren’t fully integrated. Those Log Management tools are then either far more comprehensive, complex and expensive than they need to be for diagnosis. Or, they’re far too basic or limited to be of much help in sifting through the firehose of logs produced every hour.

Fortunately, Progress has integrated Log Management functionality right into WhatsUp Gold in the recent version 2021 release. IT teams can now use the same industry-leading interface they use to for network monitoring to monitor and alert on logs as well. With WhatsUp Gold 2021, IT administrators can monitor, filter, search and alert on logs for every device in their network while also watching for meta trends like log volume changes. This provides them the ability to manage syslog and Windows log events and alerts the same way they monitor the rest of the network and with the same customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Some WhatsUp Gold customers have already had the chance to try this out during our technical preview last summer. Christopher Gerochi is the IT Coordinator for the City of Pleasanton and he liked the new log management capabilities so much he’s been using them ever since. “WhatsUp Gold 2021 is a huge jump for us in terms of log management,” Chris said based off his preview experience. “I like how the new integrated log management feature gathers all the information in a single pane of glass and makes it easy to sift through the data quickly. With the network monitoring software, NetFlow and log management all in one place, we have all the information we need at our fingertips so we can act instantly. It’s a huge win, it makes the whole diagnostic process much easier.” Learn more about his experience in this blog.

Simply put, if you’re one of the many WhatsUp Gold customers that doesn’t currently use a log management tool but increasingly sees a need for one, you’ll want to check out WhatsUp Gold 2021. With embedded log management dashboards, alerting, device cards and search capabilities, WhatsUp Gold 2021 gives you visibility into your device log data and lets you manage it like never before. And remember that for users of our Total Plus edition, the Log Management add-on is included with your upgrade at no additional charge.

While we’re proud of the Log Management functionality we’ve added to WhatsUp Gold 2021, it’s hardly the only improvement we’ve made. We’ve also added a whole series of outbound REST API calls to our existing inbound REST API capabilities. This means you can now leverage REST to provide information to WhatsUp Gold from other 3rd-party systems. Functionality can now occur at the application level for seamless integration with applications like SalesForce, Office 365 and others. You can learn more about the new outbound REST APIs.

We’ve also updated reporting by optimizing it for HTML and email. The result is much faster and more useful report generation. Outputs can be WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) and can include hyperlinks. This will make your reports easier to create and share.

There’s a lot more in WhatsUp Gold 2021, but only so much space here. You can find all the details in the WhatsUp Gold 2021 Release Notes. You can learn more about what’s new in WhatsUp Gold at our What’s New page or try it yourself for free.  Check out our What's New with WhatsUp Gold 2021 Webinar. 



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