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Download the first-ever free edition of our award-winning network monitoring software with a limited five-point license.

Get WhatsUp Gold Starter edition and get network discovery, monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and configuration management for up to five core resources.

Here are some things you can do with five* points:

  • Discover, map and visualize your entire network environment including cloud resources
  • Monitor five core 48-port switches and track the availability and performance of 240 ports, power supplies and fans
  • Monitor the status and availability of five cloud resources and track billing and usage data
  • Monitor five Windows servers including application services and a virtually unlimited number of WMI counters;
  • Backup, archive, restore and set management policies for your router, switch and firewall configurations;

Simply fill out the form to the right, activate your license and enjoy your free copy for one year. We are sure you'll love it as much as our tens of thousands of other customers do.

* Want more than 5 points? Download a free trial of WhatsUp Gold with no point restrictions. wug-5_thumb
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