IPAM Software

Automate the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space.

Eliminate the complexity of managing IP addresses

WhatsUp Gold automates the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space and provides visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations, IP Address utilization across subnets and device-to-IP Address associations.

Inventory your entire address space

Get up-to-date visibility into IP address utilization

Categorize and report on devices by type automatically

Determine root cause of IP space problems

Eliminate Error-Prone Processes

Scan your entire IP address space on a convenient schedule to avoid the tedious and risky task of maintaining IP addresses.

IPAM software saves time by removing the complexity of managing your entire IP address space. Simplify the tasks, save time and mitigate the risks associated with discovering, documenting and managing IP addresses manually.

Easily identify IP address duplication across subnets

Remove duplicate IP addresses to improve the visibility of your network.

Improve the management of IP address and DNS/DHCP servers. IPAM software provides up-to-date visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations, IP address utilization, and subnet allocations and device-to-IP address associations to get a better handle on your entire network.

Simplify creation of historical IP address to device associations

Manual IP space management makes correlating IP address assignments and devices difficult and it becomes nearly impossible when looking further back in time.

Pinpoint what device had what IP address at a specific point in time to correlate the root cause of IP address space issues.