Best Practice

Best Practices for IPAM

Focusing on these areas when evaluating IPAM products will ensure you select an enterprise-ready IPAM solution that suits your needs both today and tomorrow.

Automated Scanning

Up-to-date visibility requires error-free, automated discovery & inventory of all or part of the IP space on a customized interval that best suits the granular needs of each subnet.

Proactive Alerting

The IP space and its supportive subnets are dynamic. Rollouts and expansions, can cause a subnet scope to fill unexpectedly. It’s essential the administrator be alerted to IP space events such as DHCP scope exhaustion.


Out-of-the-box reports should include Managed IP Addresses, Available IP Addresses, Duplicate IP Addresses, and DHCP Leases.

IPv6 Support

IPv6 adds a new layer of complexity to the IP space. Support for IPv6 allows you to know which devices are dual stack capable and where IPv6 is deployed on your network.

Historical Tracking

Correlating IP addresses with MAC addresses and hostnames enables an administrator to understand how certain properties have changed retrospectively.

IPAM with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp IP Address Manager delivers IT management solutions for streamlining IP address management by automatically discovering and classifying your devices. Automating IP address assignment saves you time and reduces the errors associated with manual documentation. WhatsUp IP Address Manager’s automated scanning delivers real-time identification of dynamic and static IP address assignments. This up-to-date visibility reduces conflicts due to IP address duplicates across subnets. The WhatsUp IP Address manager subnet calculator helps you organize your IP space into subnets.

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