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g2 crowd
The beauty of WUG is that if it's not in the package, you can build it yourself.
The one thing I have always gone back to WhatsUp Gold for is its ease of use.
This is wonderful!
Looking at all this data in one place makes a lot of sense to me.
Awesome! I like this enhanced wireless monitoring view so I can see the access points.
Ipswitch is the most accessible company I have worked with in the IT industry.
What used to take 70 seconds now takes 7. That's impressive.
We worry much less than we used to, so it's easier to get a good night's sleep.
A good product that does exactly what it says. We rely on it.
It can do just about anything except bring you a cup of coffee in the morning.
There is constant improvement with the product. The versions never stay static. Always moving forward.
The support is always amazing and gets directly to the point of the issue. Fast solutions.
I could not do my job effectively without this tool.
I have used this product for many years with nothing but great success!
WhatsUp Gold has become an integral tool into our day-to-day operations.
Easy to implement, can connect to all WAN sites in a matter of seconds.
Makes our job easier.
A majority of the time we will know when something on the network goes down before our users even notice a problem!
WhatsUp Gold helps enormously with troubleshooting, giving us the capability to respond quickly.

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