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Traffic Monitoring Software

Traffic monitoring software should not only monitor the traffic coming in and out of your network, but also be a key gauge of bandwidth utilization to identify key bottlenecks in the network, and see which users, applications or systems are hogging bandwidth. Are your network users engaging in bandwidth-intensive activities or spending hours on end watching YouTube?

The traffic monitoring software you choose will also be a key element in resolving network performance problems and ensuring quality of service, by analyzing, understanding and managing IP traffic over the network.

Available as a plug-in that integrates with WhatsUp Gold, Flow Monitor is one such example of traffic monitoring software. Flow Monitor gives you detailed visibility into exactly how your network bandwidth and capacity are utilized. It gives you the granular visibility into exactly which users, applications and protocols are consuming costly business-critical bandwidth, in concert with highlighting overall utilization of LAN, WAN, specific device or interface. Also, for business-critical applications, Flow Monitor traffic monitoring software allows for traffic identification and analysis, and verification of quality of service, through ToS, Top NBAR reports and more.

Flow Monitor is traffic monitoring software that ensures smooth performance across your network, and gives you visibility into network traffic prioritization policies and cost savings by eliminating costly bandwidth-hogging issues.

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