Virtualization Management Software

Virtualization can provide tremendous cost savings in the data center and provide the agility to quickly provision or reallocate server capacity whenever your business or applications need it. Chances are, your company has transformed many physical assets into virtual assets and is looking to add capacity and capabilities to the existing virtual footprint. This is a perfect time to introduce enterprise-ready virtualization management software.

Managing a virtual environment can add a new element of complexity on top of the existing complexity inherent to the incumbent physical environment. For one, dynamic virtualized systems typically don’t support the standard SNMP mode of data collection. Even if they do, they provide limited or inaccurate information. As a result different virtualization management software is required for you to have the visibility you need to intelligently and efficiently manage your virtual servers.

WhatsUp Gold’s virtualization management software allows you to discover, map, monitor and manage your VMware virtual server environment exactly in the same way and from the same console as your physical server infrastructure. From one pane of glass, WhatsUp Gold gives you complete visibility into your entire datacenter environment. Its integration into WhatsUp Gold’s Alert Center supports alerting, escalation, threshold and response configuration for VMware ESXi hosts, virtual machines, virtual clusters, and vMotion or High Availability migrations — just as it does for physical servers. In addition, its powerful and intuitive interface allows for even the non-VMware guru to easily gather insight about the company’s virtual network, and also allows for admins to stop troubleshooting in the dark.