Mark Towler

Mark Towler

Monitoring AWS Resource Usage: Are You Just Taking Amazon’s Word For It?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have simply become a fact of life for most IT organizations. The benefits of outsourcing networking to Amazon’s cloud are simply too obvious to ignore or to not take advantage of. You get to stop worrying about infrastructure, heating, cooling, capacity, storage space, etc. and in return, Amazon sends you a […]

See It as It Happens: Live Activity View & Report in WhatsUp Gold 2019

Your network is a living, breathing entity. Like a living body or an organic brain, it’s constantly moving things around and changing from moment to moment. Every single individual part is in continuous contact with and reacting to every other part. The job of your monitoring tool is to track all of this. Of course, […]

Checking Your Network’s Plumbing: Why You Need to Monitor Bandwidth

Everyone and everything in our modern connected world uses bandwidth. The pipes are now far bigger than the old 56kbps dial-up speeds most of the world endured once upon a time, so bandwidth is usually not seen as an issue by the vast majority of network users. Well, not until there’s a problem, that is. […]