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Advanced Network Traffic Analysis and Enhanced Security in the New, Easier-to-Use-Than-Ever WhatsUp Gold 2022.0

Part of our job here at Progress is to not only look at the challenges our customers are currently facing, but also to look at the technology landscape in general and consider the challenges they’re going to be facing. We don’t have a crystal ball, of course, but there are a plenty of trends that are obvious to even the most casual observer. Security has always been important, but the last year has made it clear exactly how important it is for every organization with a network. Networks have continued to become more complex and understanding the details of the traffic they’re carrying is an ever-increasing challenge as well. And now with a much more decentralized workforce, making the tools for that workforce simpler, more intuitive and easier to use has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. All of this drove our development of WhatsUp Gold 2022.0.

WhatsUp Gold 2022.0 leverages the recent Progress acquisition of Kemp to discover and monitor both Flowmon and LoadMaster appliances. But beyond that, it also integrates directly with Flowmon’s Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics/Network Detection and Response capabilities to provide advanced traffic analysis data to WhatsUp Gold users. Flowmon dashboards are now displayed within WhatsUp Gold’s industry-leading interface, making it easier than ever to view the data network administrators need in one application. As well, Flowmon adds powerful new threat detection and security capabilities that can be accessed from WhatsUp Gold dashboards. This lets you see multiple views of your network infrastructure, applications, and traffic for more detailed and granular information which in turn results in faster diagnosis of traffic issues and reduced MTTR.

Your team is also going to be able to respond more quickly to network issues because we’ve integrated WhatsUp Gold alerting with Microsoft Teams. Previously, group notifications were limited to Slack but now you can send any alert to any individual or group with the tool they’re using for communications and conferencing. This makes it easier than ever to get time-sensitive and mission-critical data to the right people so they can proactively fix network issues before they impact end users.

In fact, we’ve made WhatsUp Gold’s award-winning usability and unique, interactive mapping interface easier to use in several areas. Customize and configure your views, then save them as Favorites. Changing default polling methods and searching monitors in Device Properties are only a few of the improvements that make it easier than ever to monitor your network proactively. We’ve also made it even more secure with multiple improvements across the entire product. We’ve reinforced installation security, added a Maintenance Mode user right, hardened configuration dialogs, and improved security for OpenID tokens, among other enhancements. With WhatsUp Gold you can continue to ensure your network monitoring solution is as secure as your network.

You can learn more about all these improvements by visiting our What’s New page. Or feel free to try WhatsUp Gold yourself – you can download a free trial version that includes all features and no restrictions for a limited time.


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