WhatsUp Gold 2023.1: Closing Gaps in Network Visibility

Networks are the lifeblood of organizations. They facilitate data flow, applications, and services while keeping operations running smoothly. However, there’s a critical challenge that often goes unnoticed – network visibility gaps.

Progress WhatsUp Gold release 2023.1, available as of December 19, 2023, is set to change that. This release includes several exciting updates meant to close gaps in Network Visibility. These include:

  • Automatically start monitoring newly discovered devices
  • Dynamic SNMP Table Monitoring
  • User-controlled discovery attributes
  • And more

Bringing a host of improvements and user interface refinements, WhatsUp Gold 2023.1 adds nicely to the greater transparency and wider access to network data features we released in 2023.0. This latest version enables users to work more efficiently and effectively while maintaining the health and integrity of their network infrastructure.

How Do We Determine What’s in a New Release?

For every new version of WhatsUp Gold, we concentrate on features that align with three core values: proactive monitoring, actionable insights and ease of use. Those are the keys to why WhatsUp Gold continues to win awards and recognition. Additionally, we focus on security, integrability and extensibility — areas that help our customers as they scale and build out a hybrid cloud environment.

And importantly, we use the requests of you, our customers, to help guide the priority we assign to enhancements. In release 2023.1, we selected the most popular requests from our online community and the members of our Customer Validation Program. Let’s dive into them.

Automated Monitoring for New Devices

Monitoring newly discovered devices has never been easier. With WhatsUp Gold 2023.1, we have greatly improved the discovery process for new devices. Users can decide what types of devices they want to automatically start monitoring. Users will love the automation and time savings this improvement provides.

Dynamically Monitor SNMP Tables

2023.1 now includes Dynamic SNMP Table Monitoring, allowing users to look at SNMP tables and automatically populate individual instances. Users no longer must create SNMP monitors one at a time but can easily look at multiple different values a system is providing, and monitor them.

Customize Your Discovery Attributes

Device roles now support device attributes that can poll data directly from SNMP and WMI, as well as be populated with any other information collected during your discovery scan. Attributes can be now added as a customized list in a dynamic way, gone are the days of hard coded values.

A Continued Focus on Security, Ease of Use & Integrability

As with all recent releases, WhatsUp Gold 2023.1 includes many additional requested enhancements and security improvements that greatly reduce the potential attack surface of the application. These include: Credential Library usage indicator, Certified Elasticsearch 8, EUM component deprecation and user interface updates.

The Many Ways to Learn More About 2023.1

2023.1 is set to be our most impressive release to date, especially for overall visibility of your network and automating time-consuming tasks. You can learn more about these improvements – and how to upgrade – by visiting our What’s New page. For details on all new features, please view the WhatsUp Gold 2023.1 Release Notes.

You can also view our on-demand webinar, “What’s New with WhatsUp Gold,” that covered these new features and answered specific questions from attendees.

Or feel free to try WhatsUp Gold yourself – you can download a free trial version that includes all features and no restrictions for a limited time.


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