More complexity, fewer results. This is the general consensus among IT teams everywhere. IT infrastructures have evolved into a Frankenstein of servers, access points, applications, and mobile devices. To throw another wrench in there (pun intended), the tools we implement to control complex business networks end up increasing complexity due to the lack of integration between all of these tools. What you get is a tangled mess of solutions that only complicate matters.

IT Complexity is the Norm

Ipswitch surveyed 1,300 IT professionals around the world and the results were fascinating.  66% feel that increasing IT complexity makes it more difficult for them to do their jobs successfully.  88 percent want IT management software that offers more monitoring flexibility, with fewer restrictions.  Many organizations are using 3 to 20 monitoring tools to help them keep their business critical applications and infrastructure available and performing 24/7.


With a magnitude of tools being used by so many IT teams, you would think that means everything on their networks would at least be monitored. But that’s not the case, 44% said that they are not monitoring everything that they would like to.

Top reasons for this include:

  • Budget (28%)
  • Lack of staff (18%)
  • Complexity of infrastructure (15%)

Licensing Models Are Also Too Complicated

In addition to all of the above, 54% of those polled claim software licenses were too expensive, inflexible and complicated to deal with. The Ipswitch survey proves that complexity has become systematic and cyclical. And it’s only getting worse.

IT teams are concerned about losing control of business transactions, applications and infrastructure. Managing the complexity of today’s IT environments has never been more important – and challenging!.


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