Did you know that this year the number of Wi-Fi connected devices will exceed the world’s population? With the growing number of Wi-Fi connected devices, there have been more and more public Wi-Fi networks created. Nowadays, whether you are in a coffee shop or train station, there is probably a public Wi-Fi in your general area.

Although this makes it convenient for mobile and tablet users to browse the Web, it also gives people the added risk for hackers to access their personal information. Check out this cool infographic to learn about some of the ways hackers can access your private data via these public Wi-Fi connections!

So what can you do to protect yourself? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Turn off automatic sharing/Wi-Fi connecting
  • Keep your security software updated at all times
  • Make sure that your firewall is turned on
  • Avoid online banking on a public network

Do you have any other helpful hints to help protect your private data on public Wi-Fi networks? We’d love to hear your tips!


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