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“Mobile Network Management Smartphone Apps For On-The-Go Engineers” – We’ve Got An App For That

Written by Lauren Smith

Maintaining a work-life balance is extremely difficult for some – especially network managers who are on-call 24/7. A great article titled Mobile Network Management Smartphone Apps for On-the-Go Engineers on got us thinking about all the ways network management software for smartphones and tablets helps make network managers’ lives easier and achieve that work-life balance we all try so hard to maintain.

Before the rising trend of mobile network management software apps, network managers would receive a notification of an issue through email on a mobile device or a pager and have to find a computer as quickly as possible to identify the problem and the cause of it. What a hassle!

Thankfully, mobile network management smartphone apps now enable users to react to events immediately after receiving an alert or notification of a problem. As a result, network managers are able to drill into the problem and identify the cause right from a handheld device. No more running back to the office at 3a.m. -- what a relief!

Network managers can now enjoy vacation and home life, while staying connected to their networks at the same time. According to the article, network engineer Eric Steel received a phone call while he was on vacation that his company was having bandwidth problems in numerous office locations. He used his mobile management tool to identify and solve this problem quickly. He stated, “When I was on vacation, I was able to stop what I was doing and solve the issue quickly…and get back to my vacation.” Today mobile network management smartphone applications, like our WhatsUp Gold Mobile Access, have made this convenience possible for thousands of network administrators.


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