Interesting thing virtualization, everyone is talking about it and lots of IT professionals are investigating it and quite a few are implementing it.

Virtualization offer a whole host of benefits; most significant of which are:

• hardware cost savings
• reduced server focused infrastructure to manage.

There are other points to consider with respect to virtualization as well as it does represent some risks as well. Specifically:

• total software cost – virtualization cost component is introduced
• for SMBs – introduces risk with a single point of failure

Putting the risks and benefits aside, we think the real question is how to manage it. While there are vendor specific monitoring and management solutions, do IT and network management professionals really want or need another dashboard or management tool to worry about?

How about a single management platform that embraces networks (single site or multi-site), servers (virtualized or otherwise) and any other network attached device and doesn’t cost your entire yearly IT budget?


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