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WhatsUp Gold awarded a champion and named a Network Monitoring leader in Info-Tech Report.

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Ease of Implementation

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Usability and Intuitiveness

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Ease of Customization

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Operational Dashboard

846 Reviews. 16 Vendors. 1 Clear Choice.

If you value industry leading software, best-in-class product features, and top-tier technical support, then WhatsUp Gold is the network monitoring solution for you.

WhatsUp Gold ranked first or second in Ease of Implementation, Usability and Intuitiveness, Ease of Customization, Operational Dashboard, Business Value Created, Ease of IT Administration and data integration, and Network Compliance Management.

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"I like how reliable it is. Once you've got it set up, it just keeps on chugging no matter how many fires are happening around it."

– Verified User Capterra