WhatsUp Gold + Flowmon = A Winning Combination

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Make the most of your network monitoring tool by integrating Flowmon for active and passive security.

Now and until September 30, 2022, WhatsUp Gold customers will receive a discount on Flowmon- ensuring your entire network environment is more observable, reliable, and secure.

Flowmon and WhatsUp Gold bring together network telemetry, AI-powered analysis, and advanced security features with comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring capabilities ensuring the availability, performance, and security of your entire network.

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WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon

Benefits of Flowmon Integration with WhatsUp Gold:

View details about your traffic analysis through the same interface you use to monitor your infrastructure. This means fewer tools, better MTTR, more efficiency, better/faster diagnosis, etc.

Flowmon data is now visible in dashboards within the WhatsUp Gold interface

Get access to advanced network traffic analysis while diagnosing network issues – all without needing to open additional applications.

See multiple views of your network infrastructure, applications, and traffic for more detailed & granular information

Faster diagnosis of traffic issues and reduced MTTR

Access powerful Flowmon security capabilities to enhance network security

Analyze encrypted traffic, detect ransomware & insider threats, unusual behavior as well as monitor firewalls, virus scanners, and backups.