Progress Flowmon NPMD/NDR (Network
Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics/
Network Detection and Response) Integration

Visualize and assure the performance of your wireless networks.

Leverage Flowmon NPMD/NDR Within WhatsUp Gold

Progress Flowmon data brings advanced traffic analysis and security threat detection/response to WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon bring together comprehensive IT Infrastructure monitoring along with network traffic visibility, AI-powered traffic analysis and advanced security features. This lets you ensure the availability, performance and security of your entire network through a single, simple and intuitive interface.

WhatsUp Gold monitors everything connected to the network and displays it in a single interactive and intuitive mapping interface. Administrators can monitor, measure and resolve network problems. Sophisticated alerting and reporting capabilities make it simple to diagnose faults and find and fix problems fast. By integrating with Progress Flowmon, now IT administrators, NetOps and SecOps teams can cooperate to identify data leakage, outages or performance degredation and make better decisions faster. IT teams can view network status, advanced traffic analysis and security data all in one interface to speed diagnosis and accellerate MTTR.

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Flowmon Integration Architecture Diagram

Benefits of Flowmon Integration with WhatsUp Gold:

View details about your traffic analysis through the same interface you use to monitor your infrastructure. This means fewer tools, better MTTR, more efficiency, better/faster diagnosis, etc.

Flowmon data is now visible in dashboards within the WhatsUp Gold interface

Get access to advanced network traffic analysis while diagnosing network issues – all without needing to open additional applications.

See multiple views of your network infrastructure, applications, and traffic for more detailed & granular information

Faster diagnosis of traffic issues and reduced MTTR

Access powerful Flowmon security capabilities to enhance network security

Analyze encrypted traffic, detect ransomware & insider threats, unusual behavior as well as monitor firewalls, virus scanners, and backups.

Flowmon & WhatsUp Gold Capabilities

WhatsUp GoldFlowmon NPMD/NDR
Infrastructure MonitoringNetwork discovery, mapping, alerting, reporting, server/switch/router monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, Wireless Monitoring, Virtual Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Configuration Management, Log Management.  
Network Performance MonitoringMonitor active device performance, CPU, memory usage, temperatureMonitor round trip time, server response time, delay, packet delay, jitter
Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring Monitor by end-point, port, interface or protocol and track historical data with 10 minute granularity Monitor overall traffic, traffic sessions (flows) and track historical data with 30 second granularity
Netflow Traffic MonitoringMonitor top senders/receivers, top applications/protocols with basic filteringMonitor specific traffic based on port, user, interface & L7 data (hostnames, URLs, browser, DNS, DHCP, SQL & SMTP
Application Performance MonitoringUp/down status of services with customizable alertsMonitor database-level application performance, SLAs, errors, latency. Measure fault, performance & availability.
SaaS Performance Monitoring Monitor latency for SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Google
Historical Data Tracking & Retention Trend analysis via historical data stored for weeks/months/years.
Encrypted Traffic Analysis Analyze and alert on cipher suite compliance, certificates, key length and more without decrypting
Threat Detection Behavior analysis detects malware, ransomware, insider threats, crypto mining, botnets and unknown threats
Automated Incident Response Integrate with firewalls and SDN controllers to automate reactions to security incidents or script your own mitigation responses

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Detect ransomware, expose insider threats and respond to them quickly while keeping your network transparent and problem-free. Flowmon provides a unified source of truth to both network and security teams and cuts the cost of functional duplicity between tools.

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Get Visibility into every branch

Flowmon enables application and network visibility across datacenter, private or hybrid cloud environment, providing you with a holistic overview of your entire estate, detailed insights for troubleshooting and maximum operational stability.

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What is Flowmon

Flowmon monitors and analyzes network and cloud traffic, detecting anomalies using a spectrum of methods all deployed simultaneously. It combines network telemetry, machine learning and behavior analysis seeking indicators of compromise to uncover malicious behaviors or data breaches. Learn more about Flowmon here.

Technical details on how to integrate Flowmon with WhatsUp Gold can be found here

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