Active Directory Integration

Store all user names and passwords, and govern access to key applications

Increase Security and IT Agility

Active Directory (AD), Microsoft’s implementation of the LDAP directory services, is a database that keeps track of all the user accounts and passwords in your organization, allowing administrators to implement enterprise-wide policies, credentials and security.
In many enterprises, Microsoft’s AD is the authoritative user directory that governs access to key applications. Using AD limits the numbers of user names and logins for end users to remember, reduces the number of accounts that IT has to create and manage, and increases security since all data is stored in one protected location.

It’s important that network management tools fully integrate with Active Directory, so that access to management tools can be limited based on the administrator’s roles and responsibilities. This is especially relevant for compliance-focused organizations, such as those handling health care or financial data. With Active Directory integration into the network management software, administrators can:

  • Implement automatic provisioning
  • Implement role-based management
  • Ensure that only authorized administrators can access sensitive networks
  • Document administrative access to secure networks for compliance audits

WhatsUp Gold offers the option of either using its built-in access management system, or using LDAP/Active Directory servers to authenticate users. For example, WhatsUp Gold allows administrators to configure WhatsUp Gold access credentials using existing Active Directory security groups, in addition to using WhatsUp Gold security groups for collective configuration. It is then possible to map many-to-many relationships between AD groups and WhatsUp Gold security group permissions, thereby customizing console viewing and access and configuration rights according to users/groups.

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