Hardware Monitoring

Ensure physical condition of network equipment is within range and not a cause of failure

Overheated server and network rooms could result in the failure of equipment or minimally reduce their useful life. Server and network equipment vendors are realizing this and adding probes that can report on physical conditions like temperature and available power.

WhatsUp Gold continues to track these introductions and bring them under its monitoring umbrella. Custom monitors can easily be set up if your equipment exposes SNMP MIB objects for any physical conditions. Current hardware monitors supported by WhatsUp Gold include:

American Power Conversion (APC) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The APC active monitor enables immediate monitoring of over 60 different parameters. APC UPS devices are monitored and alerts are sent when selected thresholds are met or exceeded, output states are reached, and/or abnormal conditions are met. APC performance monitors enable immediate monitoring of output power usage. Any APC UPS’s discovered are automatically monitored. Status is provided via graphs in the workspace reports.


WhatsUp Gold obtains internal device temperature measurements from Cisco switches and routers, Dell servers, HP Procurve switches and external temperature measurement devices from Ravica.


WhatsUp Gold automatically obtains internal fan status from Cisco switches and routers, Dell servers, Dell PowerConnect switches and routers and HP Procurve switches.

Power Supply

WhatsUp Gold automatically obtains internal power supply status from Cisco switches and routers, Dell servers, Dell PowerConnect switches and routers and HP Procurve switches.


The printer active monitor supports any manufacturer equipment that supports the IETF Printer MIB, RFC 3805. Any printers found to support the Printer MIB during the network discovery process, are automatically assigned preconfigured active monitor. Pre-configured performance monitors tracking ink/toner levels for example, are also automatically assigned with WhatsUp Gold.

Typical Problem Solving Scenarios

WhatsUp Gold enables you to identify and remediate potential problems resulting from sub-optimal operating conditions for hardware equipment:

  • WhatsUp Gold sends alerts when the UPS battery capacity is below a configurable threshold, or the battery temperature is high, or when the battery is in bypass mode due to a battery overload state.
  • High temperatures can cause devices to malfunction, and can be tracked through performance monitors or split second graphing
  • When potential problems are identified with fan operation they need to be replaced, as inaction can lead to downstream issues with high temperature and resulting failure

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