Ipswitch Validates Web Performance for New Download Platform

Ipswitch Validates Web Performance for New Download Platform

Last week Ipswitch’s IT team initiated moving its product download server to a Cloud offering with more bandwidth for growing capacity. However, before committing to this major change, IT decided to globally test the downloads of both servers, in order to determine whether or not the new Cloud platform could indeed offer Ipswitch greater resiliency and  download speed – in addition to higher bandwidth to support an increase in expected download traffic. Establishing a performance baseline was IT’s first task, and was simplified with AlertFox’s ability to create 15-minute test sensors from US, Asia, and Europe. Using AlertFox, IT was able to proactively identify the minimum, average, and maximum response time with timely emails and reports.

Ultimately, AlertFox helped IT to both validate and understand the impact of moving its current DNS to another facility. Synthetically monitoring the uptime of the download process was critical in providing the necessary data for taking this project to conclusion. And without the ability to conduct tactical performance testing, IT would have lacked the confidence in the overall benefit of this undertaking.

AlertFox is our solution for immediately detecting and resolving web application performance problems before users are impacted. It’s an especially useful tool for any company that needs to monitor the impact that a change to another platform would have on web performance. Check it out for yourself today!


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