When the IT Administrator at an Italian manufacturing company started his job, the IT team was manually monitoring the network on a problem-by-problem basis. It was an understandable drain on resources. And was also affecting the quality of service provided to their business users.

His team set about looking for a proactive network monitoring tool. After looking at a few options they tried out WhatsUp Gold from Ipswitch.

It Takes Two

High up on the list of important things to monitor were two applications they needed to be sure were running optimally. Namely,  their document management system and SAP. If these two were not in synch the IT team would suffer the wrath of unhappy users. Manually monitoring for problems after they started affecting application performance was not going to cut it.

The company’s network uses a data exchange service that transfers digital documents from their SAP system to their document management system. If the service between the two applications stops or disk space runs out, the documents don’t move. If they don’t move, users won’t have access to the latest information.

Putting this worry to rest, WhatsUp Gold lets the IT team monitor both the service and the disk space. This ensures the documents are immediately and consistently available to business users.

“An increase in server availability and uptime reduces the cost of doing business because our users are always productive,” said the IT administrator.

Interested to see what WhatsUp Gold could do to keep your big applications humming along? Download a free trial and give it a whirl for 30 days.


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