Wireless Network Monitoring

Student Protesters Appeased by Wireless Network Monitoring

Imagine fielding a barrage of support calls from upset college students. Up in arms as they can't access a wireless network. Not long ago, that was the reality for a large university. The help desk was overwhelmed as they tried to manage a network of 2,500 access points. On top of BYOD chaos and students' big appetites for downloads.

The IT team grew tired of running around campus to check on wireless network equipment. They decided they needed a better network monitoring solution. After exploring their options, they selected WhatsUp Gold to keep their wireless network in check.

WhatsUp Gold not only consolidated wireless network monitoring (wired too), it also offered a single dashboard where network administrators can:

  • Rapidly respond with the help of real-time alerting
  • Know connected users and devices for each access point
  • See individual user and device bandwidth usage
  • View signal strength and hardware health

The university can now respond to problems quickly and often remotely. Before students organize a protest.


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