Network Monitoring Software

Monitor the Performance of Your Network


Find and fix problems before your users are impacted

Assure bandwidth is optimized for critical apps and services

Automate configuration, log and asset management

Maintain, audit and restore device configurations

network home dashboard
Overview Dashboard

At-A-Glance Dashboards

WhatsUp Gold provides a unified view and fully encompasses heterogeneous environments and vendors so you can see everything on your network. Improve your network performance and improve up-time by monitoring and analyzing everything from one actionable, unified dashboard. Understand the interconnections of your network, see and predict issues, and resolve problems faster with WhatsUp Gold’s fully personalized dashboard that lets you discover and map your infrastructure and create action policies for your SLAs.

list of discovered devices
List of discovered devices

Automated Discovery

Automatically discover all assets in your network with WhatsUp Gold’s powerful Layer 2/3 discovery. Eliminate time-consuming manual inventories. Received detailed inventory reports on your network assets, H/W modules, warranty status and more – all in less than an hour. Avoid costly true-up expenses using installed software reports.

network alert center
Alert Center Dashboard

Customizable Alerts

Customize notifications about anything that can compromise your network’s performance so you can fix problems before users even notice with WhatsUp Gold’s advanced alert center.

Quickly prioritize your response strategy so you can send the right types of alerts to the right people automatically. Easily identify problem ownership, get status updates, and finally resolve problems efficiently. Set the rules and receive alerts for both point-in-time and thresholds you choose

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device dependency example
WhatsUp Gold Device Dependency Map

Device Dependency Awareness

Getting too many alerts makes it tough to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

Automated dependency awareness displays how a network is connected and most importantly, how dependencies between devices can affect the network’s operation. Dependency awareness gives you just the alerts you need to identify the source of the problem.

Network Map
Example of a WhatsUp Gold Network Map

Network Maps

Your eyes are your most valuable diagnostic tool. WhatsUp Gold makes troubleshooting easier with dynamic Layer 2/3 network maps. Turn messy wiring closets into graphical representations that are logical and easy to interpret.

Quickly spot problems and understand how they will cascade through your network. Click on any device to drill down for detailed diagnostic information and enable fast resolution.

wireless network monitoring
WhatsUp Gold Wireless Network Map

Wireless Network Monitoring

Discover and monitor the dependencies between your wired and wireless networks. Respond to performance problems quickly, using dynamic wireless maps displaying your clients, access points, and wireless LAN controllers. Proactively address trends with historical reports on access point subscription, signal strength, and hardware health.

Monitor Your Entire Infrastructure

Discover and monitor physical, virtual, wired and wireless infrastructures.

Find and Fix Network Issues

Troubleshoot connectivity issues with Layer 2 Trace and IP/Mac Finder tools

Track Network Traffic in Real-time

Re-prioritize authorized activities that consume a disproportionate share of bandwidth.

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Terms to Know

Network Discovery

Network device discovery involves finding all of the devices connected to a network. This process of discovering and mapping network devices and links, is vital for a network’s efficiency.

Bandwidth Utilization

Monitoring bandwidth is one of the most critical aspects of network management and traffic monitoring software. Without comprehensive insight into traffic type and bandwidth utilization, it is not possible to ensure proper availability of bandwidth.


Ping is one of the most basic commands in network management, verifying network connectivity through the roundtrip times taken by the ICMP protocol packets sent to a target host. Ping, enhanced ping, SNMP ping, proxy ping and graphical ping are predominantly used to check network availability and health.