Monitor Microsoft Azure Cloud Services with Progress WhatsUp Gold

Monitor Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Learn exactly how your network integrates with Azure – and how much it’s costing!

Track Azure Resources

What Azure resources is your network using this minute? This week? Knowing the status of your usage at-a-glance makes it easier to identify Azure networking issues for faster diagnosis and resolution.

Monitor Azure Costs

Is your Azure bill a surprise each month? Does it track with your usage? Prevent surprises and reduce future costs by tracking both usage and billing.

Optimize Azure

Are you paying for Blob Storage you’re not using? Or under-using other Azure resources? Knowing what you’re using and when makes it easy to optimize your Azure resources and lower your costs. Keep track of long-term trends to make optimization even easier.

Monitor Azure to Save Time and Money with Progress WhatsUp Gold

Monitor Azure to Save Time and Money

If Azure resources are up and running, you’re paying for them.  If you don’t need them that’s a waste of your money.  By monitoring Azure you can lower your bills, optimize your usage and keep your management happy. You can even set alerts so you’ll know if either Azure usage or billing exceeds your pre-set parameters.

Integrate What Microsoft Knows Into Your Network Monitoring

The Azure Portal has a ton of information, but it’s not looking at the rest of your network. Monitoring Azure via the Azure API lets you integrate cloud resource details into your network monitoring. You can set up alerts for specific details that Azure may not bother highlighting or that aren’t part of its cloud. You can also analyze trends over months or years without any loss of granularity. Knowing how your Azure usage changes month-to-month and year-to-year lets you optimize accordingly.


of businesses see significant seasonal variation of network usage throughout.

Eliminate finger-pointing by determining if issues are Azure or on-premise for fast resolution.

Optimize your usage based on seasonal requirements and lower your bills.

Get Azure billing alerts before you exceed budgeted levels.

Show your Azure costs in clear and detailed reports that highlight optimization savings.

Did You Know?

Most organizations aren’t tracking their cloud resources, how they’re using them or how much they’re spending – they just pay the monthly bill from the cloud service provider. Unless that bill significantly increases, they have no incentive to determine if they’re really using all those resources or if they’re being accurately billed. By implementing Azure monitoring you can identify under-used cloud services within days and identify money-saving optimization opportunities within weeks. Of course, you can also identify Azure issues immediately – and usually before your end-users even notice a problem.