WhatsUp Gold vs. SolarWinds

In head-to-head comparisons, WhatsUp Gold consistently outperforms the competition as the most intuitive and easy-to-use network monitoring solution.

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Easy Implementation and Discovery

WhatsUp Gold will automatically discover your network devices and assign roles from the device roles library. Most customers are up and running in less than an hour.

Full-Time Technical Support

We understand our customers’ needs. Being present and transparent with our customers is what makes our implementation and training the best in the Network Monitoring market. Progress provides 24/7 technical support.

Intuitive Dashboards

Improve network performance and up-time by monitoring and analyzing your network from simple, actionable, and fully customizable dashboards.

846 Reviews. 16 Vendors. 1 Clear Choice.

According to InfoTech Software Reviews, WhatsUp Gold ranks 1st among network monitoring solutions in ease of implementation, usability and intuitiveness, and ease of customization. WhatsUp Gold’s operational dashboard also ranked first of the 16 vendors evaluated in the report.

WhatsUp Gold awarded a Champion and named a Network Monitoring Leader


Ease of Implementation


Usability and Intuitiveness


Ease of Customization


Operational Dashboard


“Relatively easy to implement, as straight forward as you can get with this type of adventure, full feature set. I've used Solarwinds and others in the past WUG is king”

Matthew C. | Sr. Network Admin,
Government Agency

“I have been using WhatsUp Gold network monitoring for years. I was first introduced to the product in 2003. My company at the time was using Solarwinds which I found to be not very user friendly. So I did some research and found WhatsUp Gold. Out of the box it was easy to implement and provided much more clarity and features. It provides me with a proactive approach for when any monitored device hits a predetermined threshold. Absolutely love it.”

Admin, Medical Devices Company

“Its simplicity. This tool is easy to use. Real-time data and graphs help us know more about our network stability.” 

Network & Systems Principal Consultant