A SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring Alternative Without the Friction

Skip the stress and try WhatsUp Gold instead. It’s a full-featured network performance monitoring solution that’s easy to implement and gives you actionable data in less than 30 minutes. It’s designed specifically to be intuitive and automatically discovers and displays a network topology map so you can see what’s in your network, how it’s connected and its status at a glance. It’s incredibly easy to use (according to both industry analysts and our customers) and it costs a fraction of what SolarWinds charges for the same monitoring. In fact, with our device-based licensing it’s not only easy to figure out what you’re paying for, it’s also likely you’ll be able to monitor more devices for less.

Check out the free trial below and compare it to using SolarWinds. You can make your own life easier while saving money, so it’s a win-win.

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Automatic Network Topology Mapping

Automatically discover and display your entire network in an intuitive map making it easy to see connections and issues at a glance.

Interactive Mapping Interface

Scroll, zoom and click to drill down on any element of your network to learn more about an issue. Displays status (including application performance, network traffic and log management) information for each element.

Intuitive Interface

New users can be up to speed and effective in less than an hour.

Easy to Implement

Installs and provides actionable information in about 30 minutes

Easy to License

Simple per-device licensing makes it easy to determine monitoring costs for a high value to cost ratio.

Cost-Effective to Scale

Scale by device rather than by element for inexpensive growth.

Available All-in-One License

Simplify purchase and scaling with one license that includes all available features.


Get up and running with WhatsUp Gold in 30 minutes

Network Availability and Performance Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold provides complete visibility into the status and performance of applications, network devices and servers in the cloud or on-premises.

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“We needed a solution to monitor our network devices and servers since the SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack issue. After looking into a couple of options, we decided to move forward with WhatsUp Gold for the ease of use and the ease of setup.”

Eric J. | IS Administrator

“I have been using WhatsUp Gold network monitoring for years. I was first introduced to the product in 2003. My company at the time was using Solarwinds which I found to be not very user friendly. So I did some research and found WhatsUp Gold. Out of the box it was easy to implement and provided much more clarity and features. It provides me with a proactive approach for when any monitored device hits a predetermined threshold. Absolutely love it.”

Admin, Medical Devices Company

“Overall we've had a great experience with WUG. During the Solarwinds hack we were looking for an emergency replacement for our monitoring platform. We were able to get a WUG server set up and going, monitoring all of our systems, within a week. Moving over to WUG has generally been a great experience, with little overhead managing the system. The price was right, as well.” 

Logan K. | IT Manager,
Education Management

“Easy, flexible and simple setup. Does everything a medium size company needs it to do, without being cost prohibitive. Solarwinds is too big and costly for a medium sized Company. OpManager's Probe adds more overhead.” 

Del B. | Network Engineer

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