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With the number and size of the logs generated on networks, IT admins use high-level tools to aggregate and analyze them quickly and efficiently.

An Event Log analyzer looks into the different Windows event logs for errors and indications of reliability issues, errors that show reasons for downtime and any flags that show security problems. Log analysis is the task of the network administrator, but due to the nature of Windows logs – the number of logs generated and the large amount of data involved – many administrators use software to help analyze Windows logs.

Windows Log Analyzer is a program or application that is used to parse Windows logs for text, error patterns and distinct error codes that show current and possible future problems to an administrator. Log analyzers help with parsing logs because these programs can import, analyze and then locate similar error codes in many different sets of logs from PCs on the network.

Event Logs are a critical part of the Windows environment and are necessary to carry out security audits, record issues for later analysis for uptime and maintenance, and provide the necessary data to generate reports for regulatory compliance.

Windows Event Logs include these five types: Application Event Log, Security-related events, Setup events, System events and Forwarded events. An event log analyzer needs to handle all of these log types.

An event log analyzer should be a key component of your infrastructure strategy. With an event log management solution like WhatsUp Log Management, you can analyze logs, secure your network, reduce risks and liabilities, respond faster to security threats and network outages, and automate the administration of collecting and archiving logs.

The product facilitates log file collection, archiving, analysis and reporting to meet regulatory compliance mandates imposed by HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, Basel II and others.

WhatsUp Log Management has extra free resources designed to make log analysis easier engineers, including the Auditing Volume Analyzer, Event Archiver Importing and integration tools for combining network management data from WhatsUp Gold.

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