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Three Reasons You Should Be Concerned about Configuration Management

Network Security Issues

Unexpected configuration changes can signal a network attack. Not only should you set alerts to detect and correct changes, but you should also set automated backups for all your device configuration settings.

Operational Delays & Errors

Manual configuration management takes time away from other duties and exposes you to potential user error. You should be able to automate critical tasks like configurations backups, updating firmware and changing SNMP strings

Lack of Policy Compliance

You need to enforce best practices for security and compliance with internal, industry or regulatory data security mandates. You should be able to standardize configurations, validate compliance and run audits.

Introducing The WhatsUp Gold Configuration Management Add-on

Configuration Management is a powerful tool that lets you automate change management tasks and securely back up device configurations within WhatsUp Gold. If you own WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition, you can seamlessly add additional tools to your deployment anytime.

Automated Network Configuration and Change Management by Progress WhatsUp Gold

With this tool, you can centralize the management of your network device configurations:

  • Meet security and compliance guidelines
  • Run and automate regular audits
  • Get alerts on every change
  • Compare configurations across devices
  • Automate bulk changes
  • Archive configurations in a secure, encrypted repository
  • Restore network configurations as needed
  • Deploy new devices with archived configurations

Primary Functions of the Configuration Management Add-on

Automate Management Tasks

Automate administration tasks like running configuration backups, adding/removing users, updating firmware or changing SNMP strings.

Schedule Routine Backups

Free yourself from the manual task of creating routine backups. If a network configuration is changed to facilitate an exploit, you need to be able to quickly recover.

Automate Change Management

Set up alerts to receive traps from network devices in the event of a configuration change. Then you can set Action Policies to back up the new configuration.

View Configuration Changes

Run a change analysis that produces a text-based comparison of old and new configurations and highlights the differences.

Define Configuration Policies

Define your own configuration policies in the module (e.g., 'use password encryption') and automatically validate the compliance of new device configurations.

Schedule Compliance Audits

Schedule periodic, automated audits of all running configurations to document compliance for external (e.g., SOX, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA) or internal standards.

The Benefits Are Clear

Manage device configurations within your existing monitoring tool

Save time and eliminate errors by automating your device configuration tasks

Bring consistency to your configurations across your device roles

Simplify your compliance audits with archiving and automated reporting

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