Network Mapping

VLAN Management

With their logical partitioning and grouping capabilities, VLANs are an integral part of networks.

Get a Grip on VLAN Management

With growing networks, VLANs tend to sprawl, making VLAN management an essential feature to look for in network mapping software. Ideally, system-wide deployment and monitoring of VLANs should be made simpler, and the software should be able to automatically deploy configuration settings to groups of devices and ports.

Tasks like backup/restore of configuration files, building configuration templates, adding/coping VLANs from one device to another, setting up and receiving notification and alerts are all made simple with the comprehensive, single-interface solution.

While VLAN configuration and automation are fairly common in network management software, functionality across a wide vendor-spectrum is not. Administrators will have to ensure the software they choose supports the multiple platforms and network vendors present in their network.

WhatsUp Gold offers comprehensive VLAN management capabilities. It has a flexible SNMP-based interface that allows automatic deployment of VLANs across multiple devices, and simultaneous configuration at both ends of the trunk. Its automatic topology mapping allows visual illustrations of trunk configuration settings (the VLAN view option shows an explorer-style view of devices grouped as per their VLANs, as well as detailed VLAN device information).

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