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BHI Utilizes WhatsUp Gold to Securely Monitor Their Extensive Customer Network

BHI centralizes their network management operations, monitors their entire infrastructure and improves the support and service to their end users.

Founded in 1994, BHI Advanced Internet, Inc. has rapidly built a reputation as a leader and innovator in the internet services industry. They have grown and evolved to a point where they can successfully offer a variety of different internet services to a wide range of customers. Some of those services include e-mail and exchange services, colocation, web and FTP hosting, as well as server management, among others. With a focus on offering security and reliability in their internet solutions, as well as maintaining a strong mind for a quality customer experience, BHI has positioned themselves well towards meeting their goal of being the dominant market leader of secure, managed internet services.

BHI’s commitment to both the execution and delivery of their various internet security services, as well as offering a quality experience for all of their customers allowed them to grow at a rapid pace. The BHI team also maintains a consistent drive to be a leader and innovator within the industry. As their client base continued to grow their network followed suit and it became apparent that a proper network management solution was essential to their continued success and growth. As this would be the first time they would implement external software to monitor and manage their growing network, the BHI team took their time researching different options in order to find the one that best fit all of their needs.

WhatsUp Gold Wins Over Other Solutions

BHI’s research was motivated by their need to cost effectively monitor all of the devices within their network and ensure that operations are up and running around the clock. They looked at using HP Openview or Nagios to manage their networks, but ultimately decided to go with WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition.

“We looked at Openview and Nagios® because of the general name recognition that comes along with them. However, once we actually got into evaluating them, we came across a number of deterring characteristics that drove us away from implementing them into our network. Openview’s licensing was far too expensive, and Nagios was lacking a commercial support system, meaning the cost of bringing someone in to run it would be too much,” says Dave Perrill, President of BHI.“WhatsUp Gold, on the other hand, provided us with more features than we even needed, while being reliable, scalable and extensible. On top of that, it offered us the perfect price point to go with, and has been a valuable asset to our organization and will be a keystone of our network monitoring long into the future.”

Impressive Scalability

BHI was able to seamlessly integrate WhatsUp Gold into their existing applications thanks to the SQL back-end support. They were also able to stay organized and centralized by monitoring their entire infrastructure from two primary network operation centers. By also integrating the back-end SQL database into their ticketing and alerting systems, BHI was able to automate work flow.

The implementation of WhatsUp Gold into their overall business strategy has ultimately allowed BHI to provide much improved support and services to their end users. As they continue to grow, BHI will soon begin to monitor over 5,000 locations across the country, and the plan is to switch to WhatsUp Gold Distributed, which will enable multi-site network monitoring. Bringing WhatsUp Gold into the fold at BHI has been a wide spread success so far as it offers many benefits and really enables them to constantly operate at a very high level.

“WhatsUp Gold allows us to see our entire IT infrastructure quickly and easily. Effective monitoring is crucial in our mission to provide our customers with the ultimate in performance, reliability, and security,” states Perrill. “Furthermore, WhatsUp’s ability to scale with our company has been impressive; we started with 22 devices under management and now use WhatsUp to monitor over 2,500 different devices all across the United States.”

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