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Trusted Financial Firm Manages Network Risk with WhatsUp Gold

With WhatsUp Gold, proactive monitoring improves uptime and nearly eliminates user complaints.

About Clayton

Clayton provides risk analysis, loss mitigation and operational solutions to the mortgage industry. Developed in collaboration with customers, Clayton’s solutions deliver transparency, independence, confidence, expertise and resources across the entire value chain. The company’s clients range from leading investment and commercial banks and institutional investors to government agencies and service providers.

Clayton Quick View

  • Headquarters: Shelton, Connecticut, with offices in Denver, Tampa and the U.K.
  • In business for more than 20 years
  • A trusted advisor to the industry, Clayton has reviewed and monitored trillions of mortgage and home loans

Trusted Advisor Turns to WhatsUp Gold

Clayton started using WhatsUp Gold when it replaced a solution that managed only Windows systems and cost $44,000 for support. After moving to WhatsUp Gold, support costs dropped more than 90 percent.

At that point Jason alberino, the Systems administrator who maintains every aspect of the software, decided it was time for a clean start: he completely rebuilt the monitoring from scratch. “Finally we had a system that could monitor all our devices.”

Alberino performed a network discovery on all Vlans and began assigning devices into tier groups, depending on the severity of the alerts required: “It was simple.” This classification formed the basis for Clayton’s monitoring and alert approach, still in use today.

Benefits of WhatsUp Gold to Clayton

  • Ability to monitor any system: Windows systems, VMware, linux servers, Cisco routers/switches, MPlS Wan links, BladeCenter administration interfaces and more. Proactive monitoring improves uptime and nearly eliminates user complaints.
  • Scalability: The company has used the same licensing model over years, without the drastic price increases they experienced with their previous network monitoring solution.
  • Efficient resource usage: over the years Clayton has added nearly 700 devices to WhatsUp Gold, but the required administrative overhead and system resource usage has remained the same.
  • Devices managed: 700
  • Operations team members: 11
  • Users: 1000+

“We collect and alert on system performance, event log errors, disk space usage, Windows services and ports, Microsoft Exchange and many other active monitors, including fan, temperature, and power supply. The flexibility of WhatsUp Gold gives us the power to do all this,” comments alberino.

Priority alerts are sent to the operations staff’s mobile smartphones as well as to their emails. The operations team relies on WhatsUp Gold to set up a variety of alert types, intervals and actions.

Alberino states, “We are a 24x7 IT organization. Since moving to WhatsUp Gold we see improved uptime across all devices and higher satisfaction ratings from our end users. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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