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CROUS Paris Chooses WhatsUp Gold for Surveillance of Its Information System

With WhatsUp Gold, the IT team can more efficiently identify issues and malfunctions, which saves them time they can then devote to other projects.

CROUS Paris is a public administrative establishment whose primary mission is to provide students social and financial assistance, accommodation, and cultural life support. Its 750 employees prepare five million meals, house 6,000 students and process 60,000 scholarship applications each year. CROUS Paris serves the education district's 300,000 students with a presence across 80 sites.

To manage all the data generated by its activities, CROUS Paris was already using Progress's network monitoring solution. However, all expertise with this product was lost when the manager of this project left the organization. A few years passed with no solution in place. Mr. Yu Chaofeng, IS Director at CROUS Paris, determined that acquiring a system and network monitoring software solution was essential, as the teams spent a huge amount of time diagnosing the servers to find the causes of problems when malfunctions occurred.

In June 2014, Mr. Yu thus decided to take up this topic and find a new system and network monitoring tool that was both simple and efficient, with the aim of freeing up the IT team to work on things other than tracking down and eliminating bugs.

An efficient solution and personalized integration

Given its sector of activity, the CROUS team turned to the UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics - Union of Public Purchasing Groups) catalog to seek a provider.

Two solutions drew their attention: a free monitoring application and Progress's solution, WhatsUp Gold. Its availability as a complete package, including training, licenses and support, was one of the main selection criteria for CROUS Paris. Mr. Yu was able to meet with the Progress team at a conference and observe a demonstration of WhatsUp Gold, which impressed him.

Additional meetings led up to final approval of this solution. Ease of use, clear reports, a practical interface and the solution's efficiency are the criteria that convinced Mr. Yu.

Progress's partner Orsenna managed the rapid integration and deployment of this new tool at the CROUS site. Orsenna is specialized in network and security infrastructure integration. Their team of expert engineers assesses and describes the needs and ensures implementation of the audit, monitoring and network and application infrastructure regulation tools.

The integration of the new tool was scheduled to take place over 12 days. In order to align with the availability of each team, this integration process was adapted for rollout on 12 non-consecutive days over two months. A two-day training course was held to support integration. Once the initial integration was complete, the teams learned to use the solution very quickly.

Identifying and addressing issues before they impact the end users

It can take time to evaluate the return on investment of a solution of this type, but the team has already noted genuine gains in time and increased visibility over its IT network. Reports are generated every morning that provide a clear view of the status of the servers and of the network as a whole. The teams therefore no longer need to find a needle in a haystack to resolve issues.

Since the installation of WhatsUp Gold, Mr. Yu has been able to manage his team more simply by prioritizing the tasks that need more attention.

The IT team can more efficiently identify issues and malfunctions, which saves them time they can then devote to other projects.

“My team and I are very satisfied with WhatsUp Gold solution. This tool lets us solve a given problem quickly and easily without needing to connect to every server individually to locate the malfunction”, said Mr. Yu.

At the same time, this network monitoring and surveillance software makes it possible to implement proactive responses for even greater efficiency. This helps prevent bottlenecks and minimize their impacts.

In the last phase of the project, the teams are now “finalizing” the solution. This phase involves configuring the different factors taken into consideration by WhatsUp Gold to minimize the risk of false alarms being sent by the tool. The finalization process will result in the most complete and efficient use possible of the Progress tool.

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