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European University Institute Virtually Eliminates Downtime with WhatsUp Gold

Delivering maximum network availability for top international researchers with WhatsUp Gold.

With nearly 200 devices to manage, including a converged voice/data network, EUI was overdue for a campus-wide network management system. The Institute’s mission, to attract and support an international community of social sciences scholars, makes network availability and performance critically important to the research under way.

About EUI

  • Serving more than 1000 social sciences scholars
  • Dedicated to doctoral and postdoctoral training
  • Host for the historical archives of the European Union
  • Housed in historic buildings near Florence, Italy

Reduced Downtime Through Proactive Management with WhatsUp Gold

Downtime is a problem for any network. But on a campus with 1000 or more elite researchers, maintaining network availability and performance is the key to user satisfaction and the reputation of the Institute.

Valerio Raggi, Network engineer and administrator of the campus network at European University Institute, discovered WhatsUp Gold when researching network management systems online. “We wanted something intuitive, customizable, easy to manage and cost effective. It’s not easy to find. During our search we tried other systems, but they were complicated and resource intensive. Then we found WhatsUp Gold and our search was over.” Raggi estimates that network downtime has been virtually eliminated with WhatsUp Gold managing about 190 devices.

With WhatsUp Gold, EUI Achieves:

  • Virtual elimination of downtime
  • The ability to proactively monitor all equipment– routers, switches, firewalls, printers, UPS and more
  • Data to support resource planning and management based on actual consumption
  • A fully customizable solution
  • The option to add more WhatsUp Gold plug-in modules as needed
  • Easy status checking of the entire network through a single console
  • More productive support staff and faster response
  • A cost-effective, easy-to-use and comprehensive solution

As soon as a problem is spotted, or even a minor performance degradation is detected, EUI field technicians and help desk are immediately notified so that they can get it fixed fast, before the network is impacted and often even before users are aware of it (or can notice it).

WhatsUp Gold Plug-In Modules at EUI

  • Whats Connected (layer 2 and layer 3 network discovery and visualization)
  • Flow Monitor (visualize network bandwidth utilization)
  • VoIP Monitor (visualize network bandwidth and performance on converged voice-data networks)

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