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Technical College Prepares Graduates with WhatsUp Gold

Preparing information & network technology graduates for day one job productivity with WhatsUp Gold.

MATC Challenge

Providing “quality technical and general education to prepare individuals to pursue technologically advanced careers and lead productive lives” has been the mission of Manhattan Area Technical College (MATC) since 1965. Information & Network Technology, one of 15 programs of study at the school, readies highly skilled graduates capable of stepping into professional and managerial responsibility.

About MATC

  • Located in Manhattan, Kansas
  • Offering two-year programs in technical and continuing education
  • 120 business and industry leaders volunteer as the school’s advisors

Hands-On Education for the Real World

MATC employs WhatsUp Gold to educate students in two areas of coursework: the third semester Network and Server Management course and the fourth semester Capstone course. Both classes are required for the program’s Associate of Applied Science degree.

James Brochtrup, a third semester student, already had employment experience in the computer industry and an undergraduate degree. He chose to pursue an additional degree from MATC as a way to advance his career in information and network technology.

As part of his coursework Brochtrup used WhatsUp Gold to discover and interrogate a network containing 20 PCs, Macs, Linux servers, printers, and Cisco switches and routers. He also set up and tested email alerts. “WhatsUp Gold is definitely faster in discovery modes than any other products I’ve used,” says Brochtrup.

MATC Challenge

Thad Russell, an instructor in the Information & Network Management program, explains that MATC was first introduced to WhatsUp Gold as part of a graduating student’s presentation.

Says Russell, “Afterward, the student was able to speak with Ipswitch, and the company offered us a license so we could actually use the product – instead of simply talk about it. It was clear that WhatsUp Gold would be a perfect fit with our real-world goals for students.”

Brochtrup echoes the advantage having a software license makes. “We have the time to work extensively with the software, and we can run a variety of tests incorporating multiple variables. I’ve had ample time to understand how it works and would be confident using it on the job.”

MATC Result with WhatsUp Gold

  • Students have hands on experience with a real-world network monitoring solution
  • WhatsUp Gold is integrated into the curriculum of two different courses: a network management course and the extensive Capstone project that culminates their program
  • Students enter the workforce with greater confidence in their IT and network management skills
  • MATC delivers on its commitment to produce qualified, productive IT and network management professionals

About the Capstone Project

Fourth-semester seniors in the Information & Networking Technology program use WhatsUp Gold in their Capstone course, a semester-long hands-on network project.

Capstone enables them to integrate and apply all of the skills they’ve acquired during their program of study. The project spans several months and requires them to design, build, and troubleshoot a complex, live network comprising LANs, WANs, secure firewalls, a VPN, up to 100 machines, and enterprise software.

According to Thad Russell, “Our students’ successful completion of Capstone tells us they are ready to step into full responsibility for IT and network management. Hands-on familiarity with leading tools such as WhatsUp Gold helps them demonstrate their competence.”

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