IT Management for Educational Institutions

This white paper discusses best practices to manage and secure the networks of educational institutions using WhatsUp Gold and its suite of integrated plug-ins.

You’re a network engineer at an educational institution, primary or secondary school, community college or university, challenged to support the day-to-day operation across distributed campuses for hundreds or thousands of students, faculty and staff. Are you constantly asked to do more with less? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to manage and secure your infrastructure?

Now, more than ever, students, faculty and staff rely on a functional, secure IT infrastructure to help them with learning, instruction, collaboration and research. Each year, a reliable, optimized and well-run infrastructure becomes even more critical to the success of educational institutions worldwide. Have you encountered any of these challenges before? This paper will discuss Best Practices to manage and secure your network using WhatsUp Gold and its suite of integrated plug-ins.

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