Advanced Traffic & Security Analysis in WhatsUp Gold with Progress Flowmon

It’s a simple fact that the more tools an IT team has to use, the less effective they are. That’s why one of the chief values of WhatsUp Gold is putting everything you need to find and fix network issues fast in one simple, easy-to-use application. With that in mind, we’ve simplified advanced network traffic analysis and security threat detection from Progress Flowmon by adding those dashboards to the WhatsUp Gold interface.

WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon bring together comprehensive IT Infrastructure monitoring along with network traffic visibility, AI-powered traffic analysis and advanced security features. This lets you ensure the availability, performance, and security of your entire network through a single, simple and intuitive interface.

In this webinar on-demand we’ll show you how to:

  • Access advanced network traffic analysis without needing to open additional applications
  • See multiple views of your network infrastructure & traffic for faster diagnosis of traffic issues
  • View powerful Flowmon security capabilities that can enhance your network security
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