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How to Centralize and Automate Your Network Device Configuration Management

Configuration management is critical to IT infrastructure management. Manual configuration errors can expose you to costly operational delays, and unexpected configuration changes can signal a potential network intrusion. In an ideal world, you should be able to monitor and automate your device configurations - saving time, eliminating errors and improving your overall network security.

And that’s where the WhatsUp Gold Configuration Management tool comes to the rescue. As a seamless add-in to the WhatsUp Gold interface, Configuration Management lets you centralize and automate all your management tasks and securely back up device configurations. This is especially important for compliance with regulatory standards such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA. Watch the overview of the recently updated Configuration Management tool.

You will learn how to:

  • Automate configuration management tasks, backups and recovery
  • Bring consistency to your configurations across your device roles
  • Meet security and compliance guidelines with alerting, archiving and automated reporting


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