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Danville Area School District Seamlessly Shifts to Remote Learning with WhatsUp Gold

Guest Speaker:

Jeff Ryan - Danville Area School District

Jeff RyanDirector of Information Technology  Danville Area School District 
Jeff has managed networks and systems in both the business and educational sectors for the past 25 years. His experience and knowledge makes him an insightful problem-solver who keeps the Danville Area School District moving forward in this virtual age. 

In mere weeks, Jeff Ryan and the DASD technology team had to get the Danville Area School District's students, staff, and faculty online and fully supported for remote learning. By leveraging WhatsUp Gold, Google Meet, and Open Broadcaster Software, he had a system in place by the first day of school working effectively for everyone. Because the system was so stable, and had adequate support, Jeff was able to take a planned vacation weeks after school started with few concerns about the system's reliability. 

View this webinar on-demand to learn: 

  • How Jeff developed a stable remote-learning solution effectively giving each teacher individual studios 
  • How Jeff’s team implemented that solution fast using a combination of licensed and open-source software tools 
  • How Gregory and Erin leverage this solution to educate kids remotely
  • How Jeff monitors all of this with WhatsUp Gold

Remote Learning + WhatsUp Gold = Learn More! 

Who you'll hear from:

Gregory Titman - Danville Area School
Gregory TitmanSocial Studies Teacher and Technology Lead at the Danville Area High School
Erin Marshman - Danville Area SchoolErin Marshman, First Bridge Learning Teacher and Title I Reading Specialist at the Danville Primary School
Mark Towler, WhatsUp Gold Product Expert & Moderator
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