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IT Best Practices for Balancing On-Premises and Remote Teams

By now, most IT teams have a handle on today’s work-from-home reality. Now, many are looking ahead to the days when offices will re-open, and users will go back to work.

For some, getting the office back up and running is as simple as turning everything back on. For others, there’s lots of work to be done as they adjust to the “new normal.” In this webinar on-demand, we’ll discuss some best practices for getting your workplace back up and running, including how to: 

  • Manage and support both on-prem and remote workers
  • Monitor critical resources and ensure uptime across the office
  • Check for any expired licenses and certificate
  • Communicate new processes and policies to users
  • Handle equipment in a manner that keeps your team (and your users) safe

View webinar on-demand and see how you can start preparing your office for the grand return!

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