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What Are Device Roles in WhatsUp Gold, and How Do I Use Them?


Modern IT networks are larger, more complex, and more dynamic than any time previously. For network and system administrators, this means it's now significantly more challenging to keep track of your network connections.;

From WiFi to BYOD, employees are connecting personal devices such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets, to and from networks more often than ever before. At some point, network admins need to do an audit of all those connected network devices. That audit is an essential task for configuration management, capacity planning, and security. However, even if you know what's connected, there's probably an element of surprise when you see what's actually connected.

In this webinar on-demand, we'll discuss how to customize, create, and review device roles to help make life easier, as well as:

  • Typical default device roles (Device, Switch, Router, Windows, etc.)
  • How to modify these with custom monitors
  • How to use the filter library for interface active monitors
  • Create a role from scratch using some rules (for example, for Linux/Unix systems)

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