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What Should I Monitor on my Network Device?

Discovering network devices is your first step in mapping and monitoring networked infrastructures. Device discovery tools simplify processes by using various discovery protocols to discover and collect information. With device discovery, you'll see everything connected to your networks, such as devices, servers, VMware virtual machines, deployed software, LANs, port-to-port connectivity, and much more.

In this webinar on-demand, not only will we show you the basics of device discovery, our product experts are going to show you:

  • Critical ports - show how to use the 'Filter' option in Device Roles
  • Power supply, fan, and temperature sensors for HP/Cisco/Dell
  • Interface utilization reports for utilization and traffic, alert center thresholds, and more
  • Show map views with the status of connections, use map overlay for traffic

With WhatsUp Gold's network device discovery, you can understand your network from top to bottom while focusing on keeping it running securely and at peak performance.

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