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Virtual Machine Manager

A virtual machine manager (VMM) application centralizes the management of multiple virtual machines (VMs)

A virtual machine manager (VMM) application centralizes the management of multiple virtual machines (VMs) and provides tools for virtual machine portability as well as tuning server utilization. Virtualization provides the ability to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, reduces hardware costs by requiring less hardware, and increases energy efficiency. Proper planning and management of your virtual environment is just as essential as it is for physical infrastructure.

The Virtual machine manager is core to the efficient monitoring of VMs. Because VMs virtual run on top of a software layer installed on the server, monitoring a virtual environment can be equally if not more complex than monitoring physical infrastructure. Due to the intimate impact VMs have on physical hardware, using traditional performance counters will reflect the state of the virtual machine, not the physical hardware. Understanding the interrelationship between physical hardware and the VM is an essential facet in being able to quickly resolve problems and maintain high availability of resources.

Enterprise-ready virtual machine manger solutions must also provide a central point to create, start, stop, and view VMs as well as view live performance and utilization statistics for running virtual machines. Solutions that allow you to consolidate the management of your virtual machines with physical infrastructure help with the simplification of your network management tasks and mitigate swivel chair administration.

WhatsUp Gold allows you to automatically discover, map, and document your virtual server environment and physical infrastructure from a single pane of glass. It simplifies VMware management by integrating with the powerful VMware API to collect performance metrics across VMs, virtual clusters, and hosts.

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